Now that I have your attention let’s talk about your Pumpkin Spiced Latte problem shall we?  I’m kidding of course, but seriously what is it about this time of year that sends everyone crazy for pumpkin related stuff?  I once had a beer that was laced with pumpkin and it was revolting…..

Anyway, I promise I didn’t plan to write a blog post about pumpkin spiced lattes but since you’re here, let me tell you about my Instagram stories virginity which I’ve recently lost! Oooo Errrr.

So, if you sadly missed the gripping couple of hours a few Sundays ago when I jumped on board the Instagram-stories-band-wagon by turning that camera round and zooming in on my face while I talked nonsense, well…. you didn’t miss much.

The reason for this breakthrough in my Instagram bubble was because I was on my way to an event with Bournemouth Bloggers and since it was a Sunday evening, I was wearing actual outdoor clothes and not my PJ’s or leggings, I thought I would treat you to a wild Sunday night with me.  You lucky sausage.

“Where did you go?” I hear you cry!

I went along to a VIP (Very Into Pickles?) event at The Body Shop in Bournemouth where they were launching their autumn range which unsurprisingly smelt ALOT like pumpkin and various other autumn related stuff.  It was a treat for the senses let me tell you!

We arrived to fizz and an introduction from the team who had divided themselves up into areas of expertise, make-up, skin care and other?  I can’t quite recall as I was already making a bee-line for the make up section.  With my wedding a mere three months away (holy smokes!), I am still ironing out some of the finer details about my wedding make up and a lipstick was first on my list of things to find!

I have never been good at being a girly girl so sheer amount of knowledge this lady had on lipstick was massively overwhelming but we managed to narrow down what I was after from my garbled colour descriptions and the five million pins in my wedding pinterest board.

I am also changing my foundation from a mousse to a liquid so needed a proper brush so that I get even coverage and our photographer doesn’t have delicately suggest a touch up my make up before she snaps me and my new Husband in our best togs….

I am usually loathe to spend too much on make up brushes but this range was so reasonably priced I didn’t even wince when I handed over my debit card and it’s been awesome since I’ve managed to get it home and actually use it in my morning routine.

The lovely ladies even gave us some freebies to take home and try which I am in the process of working my way through but I just had to mention this magical Youth Liquid Peel which apparently everyone is going nuts for.  I can totally see why, it’s like a non-chemical peel for your skin and is gentle enough to use on your face too.  By the time I get to this wedding I’m planning on shaving a few years off the clock with this bad boy.

Oh, and there was a fair amount of pumpkin spiced stuff too but I have to admit that this one smelt like heaven!

If you haven’t re-visited The Body Shop for a few years you should pop in next time you’re passing, even if it’s just to sniff this stuff!

Right, I’m off to have a BrideZilla melt down after reminding myself how big the wedding To Do list is…..

Namaste x

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